One thought on “Action Against Foreigners In Saudi Arabia, 1.6 Million Arrests

  • March 21, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Koi qiamat na dahai gai ha. Every country has its principles and restrictions. Not like Pakistan.People can freely enter Pakistan at any time with documents or without documents. If not document no problem, pay money and take the ID card and make the Passport. That,s why Pakistan now become the paradise of terrorist. People who came on umra / hajj visas they did not go back to their countries.People who escaped from companies and their sponsorship their legal documents expired. Some people commit crime and escaped. Here is Mecca and Medina every corner of the world Muslim come here. Saudi Govt. have responsibility to maintained law & order. After all this situation Saudi Govt. give chance for those illegal workers to legalize themselves, after first period extension, second period, third terms and more then 1 year limit has finished. Analyse the situation of Pakistan now. Whats happening there? Afghan came in to Pakistan and they travel to Azad Kashmir and make business there. Police make money from them and let them to do any thing. Can we do same in Afghanistan? No never. Kindly do not make rumor and conspiracy among the people. Make the system in Pakistan as Saudi Govt. doing and let you families to go and stay anywhere in Pakistan without fear.

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