India Distributes Annually 18 Billion To Opponents Of Kalabagh Dam

India Distributes Annually 18 Billion To Opponents Of Kalabagh Dam

India Distributes Annually 18 Billion To Opponents Of Kalabagh DamIndia Distributes Annually 18 Billion To Opponents Of Kalabagh Dam

2 thoughts on “India Distributes Annually 18 Billion To Opponents Of Kalabagh Dam

  • March 14, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    The issue of the Kala bagh dam is very essential & very critical with the link of development of Pakistan.The Kala Baagh or any other DAM issue is very critical in Pakistan History, Billions of Rs. have been spent during the last four decades only on the paper work for the issue but neither political leader ship nor public realize that the huge funds burned on the issue and no positive result gained till today. At-least further expense on paper work should be stopped and do not make fool public on the issue until you provoke your soul to do it.

    Since 1966 after the “TARBELA DAM” no more dams or any other remarkable development especially in new public long term projects are being laid down except each government deployed their own political scheme in the name of public that is timely projects which is supported, or for stabilize their own government for the term/period for they elected.

    Few times it is also happened that the 5 years of government were not allowed to complete their elected terms by the opposition and agitation were made to mid term election to be held. The (Any Opposition) opposition did realize that how many expense will occur on this process again, who will fund this, No because you will not spent this money, it will be from the pocket of poor nation/public and this is just the wish of establishing mine part in the government. Because they are out of the government.

    There might be many reasons, political, self benefits, Under pressure with foreign government/agencies political oppositions, etc.

    Did any Political party or individual politician realize that forthcoming decades are bringing water crisis irrigation & drinking water in Pakistan. Did any Political party or any politician realize that how many quantity of water were and is wasted every season just because we have not made any efforts to store the raining water for future utilization beside this-this rain water also bring the destruction in every season, reason is the same we have not made any efforts to store it. Alas we are how much selfish for owns wishes. The natural resource for development of Water & power is Dams, which will bring prosperity into Pakistan, and the chance for natural re-sources utilization for water & power are less and to complete a reasonable DAM you may need at-least 7 to 10 years. DO You have this much time to go on. Hoonn ….. first of all you may complete your wishes then think for this poor nation if you have time. But I am sure you do not have because when the hard time come every one of you will be with your assets wherever that is.

    Now again making fool public by giving golden dreams that the Power Project of is solar energy, coal energy and power plants purchasing from out side Pakistan. Why this happened because you have missed the time for store the water & to fulfill the wishes of your Lord of other countries as they want to sell power plant to us. Every one made money on the shoulder of poor nation along with developed countries

    If you re-call the past (i.e. before 1970) you may see that there were 5 years development plans for making progress in the path of Pakistan development. And always forthcoming government act on the 5 years plans of the previous government, not like recent decades that the previous government plans set aside and own schemes applied to gain sympathy from the public.

    There are some responsibilities for development of Pakistan are also on the part of Public (Awam) So Think what is that.
    Now Mr.Dr. Waseem Akhter raised question regarding the dam issues and Parlmani secretary tried to give positive reply. He also said that INDIA annually spent 18,000,000,000.00 rupees (Eighteen billion Rupees) among the Pakistanis (being bones in their mouth) to oppose the Kalabagh Dam issue in Pakistan National assembly since 4 decades. I feel shame on those political & non political peoples who are selling Pakistan integrity to the enemy of Pakistan. I would like to ask those (who took bones in their mouth on the cost of Pakistan,s integrity) and their beloved family that they never feel for soft corner for innocent Pakistanis that they have also right to live. I pray to Allah that these peoples must be punished in this world besides in the world after qayama. If They have not soft corner for innocent Pakistanis than why Pakistanis keep soft corner for those Mujrims.

  • March 16, 2015 at 9:29 am

    When you know there isn’t water over here so how it will store water. Would it not store water of those who are living at tail. When water could not reach bellow kotre now and Sea is entering in fertile land of Sindh due to not leaving water in river. Kala Bag is poisonous for Indus Valley Civilizaton

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